31 Aug

How can you not be intrigued by this beautiful and perfect Dahlia shape?

The above an interchangeable seat object Dahlia, bowled me over with its clean aesthetics. A fold-out thick wool felt seat that allows for various styles that suit your fancy. Too many guests? Join up another Dahlia with strong magnets and expand the party! It will be the seat that your guests admire and gaze longingly at as they enter your lounge room. An organic object in a room full of rigid furniture never fails. Designed by Kai Linke.

If you don’t need a stool, what about an acrylic Dahlia lamp called Skitsch? (even the name is cute!)

That translucent purple will fit in to most modern homes, but I think I’d prefer this in a slightly kitschy or Scandinavian style home, in which I will invite you guys over to in the next twenty years when I buy myself a house. It’ll be decked out in birch/cream/white furniture, with the occasional splash of colour from the soft furnishings and art work (and multi-coloured kitchen goods). This gorgeous lamp will hang over my sun-drenched dining table. As I eat my muesli with a cuppa in the morning, I’ll raise my eyes and admire its beauty every now and then.

You can buy it here.

I love geometrics.


One Response to “Dahlia”

  1. Buttons August 31, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    emily! i came straight home and looked at your blog after class today. I like it! I published that post I said I would too… have a look if ya like. Not much on my site just yet though…

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