5 Minute Artisan Bread

22 Nov

One of the things that I’ve always wanted to make was bread. I have only every tried cinnamon scrolls 5 years ago, and I don’t quite remember how they taste like now. ‘cept it was also the day that I got into my very first car accident after getting my license. Thank goodness it was also minor and let off the hook after shoving $300 in that guy’s hands. It probably didn’t even cost that much to have those scratches fixed. If you’ve read this far and happen to know of workshops that do good paint touch-up jobs at reasonable prices, please tell me. Preferable asap too.

Making bread sounds like the most dreadful thing in the world. So much prep. So much waiting. Really, if I want bread, I’d prefer not to knead for ages. And then I came across the 5 Minute Artisan Bread Recipe. Best thing ever. I have pictorial evidence. You whip up the boule, leave it to rise on the bench or chuck it in the fridge till breakfast the next morning.

What a delight! Look at how much it’s risen after 2 hours just sitting silently in the corner?

Just cut of a large fistful after removing it from the fridge, and let sit for a bit while you preheat the oven.

Now check your emails… Read some RSS feeds… Pop dough into oven… Make yourself a cuppa…

This is super crusty! Perfect for wiping up that last bit of soup! But I like mine with the Syrian Fig Jam that I picked up in Healesville, at White Rabbit Brewery/Innocent Bystanders. The massive chunks of figs inside far outshines the generic jams which are so sweet that it hurts my teeth. Other wonderful handmade flavours by Jam Lady Jam include Fig Earl Grey, Pear Vanilla Ginger, Mango & Saffron (OH MY!) and Date and Orange Blossom. Danni has also been making lots of bread recently, and I would like to try something fluffier like hers. I miss the soft chewy breads with crazy fillings that I ate in the past, but the dough is not vegan.

Instructions for this super easy bread comes from Artisan Bread in Five. The instructions are super clear and I bet the book will also be terrific and easy! I have also used the same boule to make pizza doughs and flat bread. The boule stores well for two weeks in the fridge, so comes in handy when you (or I) have a pizza craving.


3 Responses to “5 Minute Artisan Bread”

  1. Robert Dobson November 23, 2010 at 2:35 am #

    Looks disgusting while you prep, but looks delicious to eat. Are there any other things to add in, such as cheese, or peppers to give it a kick. I am a big fan of French Onion soup, prepared right of course, and I think this bread would make the meal more enjoyable.

    • Emily C. November 23, 2010 at 3:02 am #

      Dude! I don’t think bread-making with its flour and sticky dough is meant to look pretty! And I think adding stuff in is a great idea. Caramalised Onion and Herb Roll sounds delish (cubed cheese will work well), as with throwing in seeds and grains with the flour while preparing the boule. I hope you give this a try.

  2. Danielle November 23, 2010 at 9:17 am #

    I think your bread looks beautifully turned out!

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