Vegetarian Bee Hoon

16 Dec

Typical Aussie breakfast that I have mastered to perfect — 20 minutes from start to finish.
Fried mushrooms and asparagus, wilted spinach, fresh chopped tomatoes and avocado on toast. This will easily have cost $3 to make, and cleaning up.

Typical Chinese breakfast that I have fond memories of — vegetarian fried beehoon.
Gluteny mock meat, mock goose (crispy fried things), curry vegetables, fried beancurd and soy sauce rice vermicelli. All for a mere S$2!
This is super tasty and ridiculously filling; chilli sauce and vinegared green chillies are essential. The mock char siew is popular.

17 Old Airport Road
Kallang Estate Food Centre S397972

While the variety of vegan food places and ingredients certainly pale in comparison to Melbourne, the ridiculously cheap prices more than make up for it. Sadly, when I am out with friends and family, I am almost always at omni places, which aren’t always very vegan friendly. Like last night at the food court, I was dished out a bowl of msg-laden spicy broth, noodles and a few measly green leafy vegetables for S$4. The grumpy lady said “Sorry, boss dictates no replacement of ingredients.”


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