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One sort of relaxing Saturday arvo

1 May

Yucks March and April have gone by so much faster than I had anticipated, and the food that I have cooked and ate have gone by unnoticed. Not that it really matters, but highlights were definitely in the form of chocolate cake, pancakes and tempeh that I all make on constant rotation. We decided that today was the day to relax for a bit before strapping ourselves down on the study chairs, and boy how lovely was the sun for a nice walk about! Continue reading


Toilet Paper Origami

15 Nov

All my friends are headed for Japan in the next few months, mostly to ski and indulge in some good ol’ consumerism. I have also dropped some very not subtle hints about Rilakkuma. If your brain goes “Wtf is Rilakkuma? How do you even pronounce that?” Clearly, you’re missing out.

<img src="“>
Aww aww awww. Bonjour Mademoiselle!

A reversible tote!

<img src="“>
A HAT!!!! (Ignore that condom in her mouth…)

Anyway Rilakkuma aside, the Japanese are also wonderful origami artists. You know a bathroom’s been cleaned recently when the toilet paper has a little triangle folded at the end of it right? How about TOILET PAPER ORIGAMI?!


I especially love the Hina Matsuri dolls!

Some of them come with instructions, such as Mt. Fuji.

Seems easy enough…

But why aren’t there instructions for the usagi?! 😦

In sync with nature

27 Aug

This is how I feel like. Except much smaller. Negligible.

Covers from Gebrauchsgraphik magazine
Title: Jan Tschichold

These are some kind of lovely that I find comforting. Perhaps it’s the hand drawn nature of these illustrations, and the slightly unsaturated colours that do not attempt to stab my eye, but meld together so gently and those block shapes; they resemble paper cut-outs.

Via But Does it Float.

And my current desktop:

Susie WIP

19 Aug

16.08.10 Colour pencils on paper
Meet Susie; a sketch in class when it got too boring.