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Las Vegan Brunch

23 May

Definitely one of those run-a-million-errands-and-eat-brunch-too Sundays; get petrol, eat brunch, buy bread and milo (forgot the juice), buy coffee beans and return library books. And squeeze in a stomachache while we’re at it >.< It was mostly agony from activity 2 onwards. But am glad that we managed to visit Las Vegan on its first Sunday opening, and it was buzzing! I am so glad that those odd operating hours are over! I haven't been there in a while for no more than chai and cake, so was nice to enjoy some savouries.

On the Specials Board today was 2 types of Pancakes – Sour Cherry or TempehCon. Smoky tempeh bacon! It was really tasty but such a pity with only a few teeny slices! Sandwiched between each pancake was maple syrup, which was such a lovely balance between sweet and savoury. I have Vegan Brunch, so will have to make this again, but not till I find some Liquid Smoke…

Ger had the schnitzel with chips. Love the hand cut chips! The deep-fried crumbed mock meat was teeny and a tad stodgy with the oil (perhaps not hot enough?) but I loved the texture and its junk food nature that I hardly ever get to eat!

My schoolmate Maddie was working there so was nice to see the place all happy and people nomming on those amazing fried rice balls.

Where’s The Beef gave a positive review on their recent visit (though our salad was certainly not as generous!) and Easy As Vegan Pie‘s photos reveal saucy burgers are to be had. I still adore those rice balls.

Las Vegan Bakery
22 Smith Street, Collingwood
Hours: Sun, Tues & Wed 11 – 3pm, Thurs – Fri 11 – 3pm, 5.30 – 9.30pm, Sat 9.30 – 3.30pm, 5.30 – 9.30pm


One sort of relaxing Saturday arvo

1 May

Yucks March and April have gone by so much faster than I had anticipated, and the food that I have cooked and ate have gone by unnoticed. Not that it really matters, but highlights were definitely in the form of chocolate cake, pancakes and tempeh that I all make on constant rotation. We decided that today was the day to relax for a bit before strapping ourselves down on the study chairs, and boy how lovely was the sun for a nice walk about! Continue reading


20 Jan

I got to the dental clinic this morning, just to find out that those stitches holding my gum together can’t be removed as my gums are still too swollen, I can hardly open my jaws to chew, and there will be far too much discomfort. So more medication and back to the clinic on Saturday. AND scheduled to have the other 2 teeth removed on the 31st when I return from Taipei, Taiwan.

Dropped by the office for lunch with my family and colleagues. More dining companions, more options! Living Greens is a 5 minutes walk from the office, but such a shame that I’ve only been here twice. The menu is extensive, with about 6 daily specials including sides and mains. This is another one of the “organic healthy-eating eastern-western” places like Onaka, but absolutely vegan! It boasts of being MSG, white sugar-free, low salt and oil, while cakes are GF. Continue reading


19 Jan

I love how every trip home brings about new experiences and people. I’ve spent almost all of my summer vacation drinking expensive soy flat whites (and sugary soy lattes from one of the 70 ****bucks on this island) playing Scrabble and doing crosswords that stump me at every pop culture clue. My new friend A, is adamant in kicking my Scrabble ass and the recent scoreboard looks something like this: Em-10, G-2, A-2. In A’s attempt to fulfill his new year resolution of eating healthier, we went to Onaka for dinner one weekday night. Continue reading

Ling Zhi Vegetarian

16 Jan

I just got 2/4 wisdom teeth out on Thursday, and holy poo of the cute baby, cannot get the sound of the drill out of my head. They were all under the gum, with the top two being impacted, so had to be removed to prevent decay of the other surrounding molars in future. He had to split open the gums and saw the top tooth in half due to its awkward position. It was very very awful. And looking at these pictures of delicious food only serves as a reminder that I’ve had 3 meals of congee and 2 of oatmeal.

I’ve been yearning for some super tasty dim sum for a few months now, even though Vegie Hut in Box Hill does a pretty fine one, it still doesn’t come close to what I’ve had in Singapore and Hong Kong. I suspect that this might also have to do with the memories associated with the usual family Sunday yum cha, as with most food we eat anyway.

We had some half-off vouchers to use at any Tung Lok Group of restaurants, and so went to Ling Zhi (灵芝) Vegetarian to check out their dim sum. The selection was plentiful, and the ala-carte menu was also available to choose from. We started out with one of my favourites, Crispy Fried Yam Dumplings (芋饺) and it did not disappoint. The filling was warm and creamy, oozing out just slightly and was a delight against the crispy outer shell.

No self-deserving yum cha fanatic will skip this essential dish. I could eat Cheong Fun all day. Continue reading

Vegetarian Bee Hoon

16 Dec

Typical Aussie breakfast that I have mastered to perfect — 20 minutes from start to finish.
Fried mushrooms and asparagus, wilted spinach, fresh chopped tomatoes and avocado on toast. This will easily have cost $3 to make, and cleaning up.

Typical Chinese breakfast that I have fond memories of — vegetarian fried beehoon.
Gluteny mock meat, mock goose (crispy fried things), curry vegetables, fried beancurd and soy sauce rice vermicelli. All for a mere S$2!
This is super tasty and ridiculously filling; chilli sauce and vinegared green chillies are essential. The mock char siew is popular.

17 Old Airport Road
Kallang Estate Food Centre S397972

While the variety of vegan food places and ingredients certainly pale in comparison to Melbourne, the ridiculously cheap prices more than make up for it. Sadly, when I am out with friends and family, I am almost always at omni places, which aren’t always very vegan friendly. Like last night at the food court, I was dished out a bowl of msg-laden spicy broth, noodles and a few measly green leafy vegetables for S$4. The grumpy lady said “Sorry, boss dictates no replacement of ingredients.”

Yong Green Food

15 Aug

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s got difficulty leaving the house, especially in winter. But having company for lunch is a good incentive, and I finally bought some fresh produce from the market in preparation for the upcoming war (with school), including Pho spice mix and 4 cute yellow squash(es?) (have never eaten it).

The last time I was at Yong’s, I’d just given a presentation for a major assignment (which turned out really well), and met up with Bry for a Raw Blueberry Cheesecake and almond milk sweetened with agave nectar. Cheesecake? A+. Almond milk? Meh… it was too gritty and perhaps it was kept next to the savoury food station, it had hints of smokey soy sauce.

The savoury mains on my second visit did not disappoint. Cheryl ordered the Chilli Bean Wrap ($8.50) filled with baby spinach leaves, avocado and cheese and reported that it was pretty good. My raw cashew bread ($10) with tomato, avocado, cucumber, beetroot spread and tomato sauce with a side of salad was DELISH! I could not get enough of the tomato sauce and the dressing on the salad was light and refreshing. Don’t be fooled by the size of the two small pieces of “bread”; this was surprisingly filling.

But my greedy self could not leave without trying the highly recommended Raw Green Tea Cheesecake ($7.50), made from a cashew and coconut base. It was so rich, I felt like a millionaire. I was going “oohh.. I’m full…” *nom* “Can hardly move…” *nom* And then the plate was bare.

As we were leaving, we spied several orders of warm rice and hot curries. We know what we’ll be back for.

Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick Street