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French Toast

28 May

Those 2-for-deals are almost always welcomed, unless it’s bread. It’s kinda hard for two girls to finish two loaves of bread in a week, and I don’t particularly enjoy freezing it as I don’t own a toaster, and microwaved bread doesn’t remain soft once it’s cooled down! 😦 So I made some french toast this morning, while reminiscing of the AMAZING OH MY HEAVENS Cinnamon French Toast from Pick Me Up (as above) while I was in Chicago two autumns before. While Monk Bodhi Dharma does an equally tasty version with caramalised banana or poached pear with a pistachio cream cheese (can be made GF), it does require a significant amount of resources for one to obtain it!

Following both Usually Vegan and Vegan Dad‘s French Toast recipes, I mixed up a 9cm square of tofu, 1 cup of non-diary milk, 3 tbs agave syrup, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tbs oil, bit of salt and lots of cinnamon in the food processor. I made the mistake of dipping too many slices of bread at a go, resulting in soggy bread that took forever to cook as my pan could only fry 3 halves at a time. Halving the slices was a good idea, as it was a lot easier to flip. The first slice resembled scrambled tofu as my pan was too hot and I waited too long before flipping, hoping to flip when it one side resembled toast (like cooking pancakes). I found it easier if I kept the heat to the lowest, flipped it after about a minute when it had JUST begun to brown. It didn’t stick, and then flipped it back to brown after the second side had just started to firm up. This made 7 slices of French Toast.


Dumplings and Wontons

11 Nov

There’s something so magical about these little parcels of tofu and mushroom goodness. Paired with lots of starch goodness on the outside and salty soy sauce, dumplings and wontons are definitely up there on my list of comfort food on a weekday night. They are incredibly easy to make, and look splendid once cooked. Everyone thinks you’re an amazing chef when you make some. Gather a group of friends, prepare the ingredients beforehand, sit at the table with some good tunes as you keep the conversation flowing, and wrap these little yummy things with your nimble fingers. You’ll be nomming on these in no time. May I also recommend frying a batch when a plate’s been filled up? You do need fuel to keep you going…

1. Gather your ingredients and cube everything!

2. Season generously! And I mean it! Then let this sit for 15 minutes as you lay your table with newsprint. No mess to clean up later!

3. Now put a teaspoon of filling in the middle of your wrapper. You don’t want to be too greedy. Exploding dumplings are not unheard/unseen of. Not speaking from personal experience.

4. Wrap! There are a few methods of doing so. I use the pea pod method as demonstrated here. My aunt’s a CHAMP at dumpling making. She taught me how to wrap them. Instead of making folds across in one direction, stop halfway and start folding from the opposite end, so that they meet in the center. Dust a plate with flour before placing dumplings.

I had 7 dumpling wrappers and so wontons with the rest of the filling. In this instance, use the “half moon” wrap as shown in the link above. I made 34 of them. Freeze the extras for a no fuss dinner.

Now that the hard work’s been done, there are a number of cooking options. Boil, steam or panfry the dumplings; deep-fry or boil the wontons.

The trick to panfrying dumplings is to add 1/4 cup of water into your pan after the bottoms had browned and put the lid on, allowing the insides to cook without burning the base.

Cook some broth and pop about 6 -8 dumplings in for a super comforting soup as you watch another episode of The Office.

Dumplings and Wontons
300g of firm tofu, cubed
6 large dried mushrooms, soaked and cubed
2 large spring onions, sliced thinly

1 packet of dumpling or wonton wrappers

5 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs dark soy sauce
1 tbs sesame oil
1/2 tsp ground white pepper (I know most people don’t seem to favour this, so reduce as required)

Dipping Sauce:
Soy sauce and sliced ginger or chilli sauce

Season tofu, mushrooms and spring onions for 15 minutes. Reserve mushroom liquid for broth. Add 1 tbs of liquid if season is running a bit low.

To panfry: Well grease a non-stick pan and place dumplings neatly and heat pan over large flame. As it starts sizzling, reduce to medium and watch as the bottoms start browning. When bottoms are firm, add a 1/4 cup of water and place lid on. Once most liquid has evaporated, remove lid and serve when skins are soft. You can flip it on one side and fry that too.

To make wonton soup: Bring about 2 cups of broth and reserved and strained mushroom liquid and handful of goji berries to a boil and add 1 chopped carrot and some mushrooms. When carrots are soft, plonk in wontons and cook for 5 minutes will skins are translucent. Throw in green leafy vegetables like choy sum and baby boy choy if you have on hand. This will also make a good meal if you put in some noodles. Serve with thinly sliced spring onions or coriander.

To make dipping sauce: Mix soy sauce and thinly sliced ginger together. I prefer mixing soy sauce and chilli sauce.


Thai Green Curry

26 Aug

What do you do when it’s so damn cold out here?

Eat curry.

It’s the one thing that I’ve been wanting and wanting and wanting… and finally got down to making it. I stumbled upon the above can of vegan green curry paste at Minh Phat, which was the cure for my lazy bones. No pounding and additional washing up.

Thai Green Curry
serves 4

1/2 medium eggplant, cut into small chunks
1 large carrot, 1cm slices
1 potato, small chunks
1 large handful of green beans, halved
200g firm tofu, small chunks
1 onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tin of green curry paste
1 can (400ml) of coconut milk
bunch of fresh Thai basil, shredded
Raw sugar, salt and pepper to taste

1. Spend a bit of time chopping up all the ingredients. If you’ve got other veggies lying around that you need to get rid off, then use them too. (I added bean sprouts)

2. Heat 1 tbs of oil in wok, fry onions until translucent. Add the garlic and green curry paste. Fry for another 2 minutes or so.

3. Toss in the carrot, eggplant and potato, and fry for a while, until slightly browned on the edges.

4. Tip in the coconut milk, and half a tin of water, and let veggies simmer for a bit until softened to your liking.

5. Add tofu and green beans, and cook this for a little while, say a minute or two. They don’t take too long to cook. If mixture gets too dry, add more water.
6. This can get pretty spicy, so taste and adjust level with sugar to suit your preference. Season with salt and pepper.

Toss in the basil just before eating, with a side of brown rice. Roti will be pretty fantastic too.