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Las Vegan Brunch

23 May

Definitely one of those run-a-million-errands-and-eat-brunch-too Sundays; get petrol, eat brunch, buy bread and milo (forgot the juice), buy coffee beans and return library books. And squeeze in a stomachache while we’re at it >.< It was mostly agony from activity 2 onwards. But am glad that we managed to visit Las Vegan on its first Sunday opening, and it was buzzing! I am so glad that those odd operating hours are over! I haven't been there in a while for no more than chai and cake, so was nice to enjoy some savouries.

On the Specials Board today was 2 types of Pancakes – Sour Cherry or TempehCon. Smoky tempeh bacon! It was really tasty but such a pity with only a few teeny slices! Sandwiched between each pancake was maple syrup, which was such a lovely balance between sweet and savoury. I have Vegan Brunch, so will have to make this again, but not till I find some Liquid Smoke…

Ger had the schnitzel with chips. Love the hand cut chips! The deep-fried crumbed mock meat was teeny and a tad stodgy with the oil (perhaps not hot enough?) but I loved the texture and its junk food nature that I hardly ever get to eat!

My schoolmate Maddie was working there so was nice to see the place all happy and people nomming on those amazing fried rice balls.

Where’s The Beef gave a positive review on their recent visit (though our salad was certainly not as generous!) and Easy As Vegan Pie‘s photos reveal saucy burgers are to be had. I still adore those rice balls.

Las Vegan Bakery
22 Smith Street, Collingwood
Hours: Sun, Tues & Wed 11 – 3pm, Thurs – Fri 11 – 3pm, 5.30 – 9.30pm, Sat 9.30 – 3.30pm, 5.30 – 9.30pm


One sort of relaxing Saturday arvo

1 May

Yucks March and April have gone by so much faster than I had anticipated, and the food that I have cooked and ate have gone by unnoticed. Not that it really matters, but highlights were definitely in the form of chocolate cake, pancakes and tempeh that I all make on constant rotation. We decided that today was the day to relax for a bit before strapping ourselves down on the study chairs, and boy how lovely was the sun for a nice walk about! Continue reading