French Toast

28 May

Those 2-for-deals are almost always welcomed, unless it’s bread. It’s kinda hard for two girls to finish two loaves of bread in a week, and I don’t particularly enjoy freezing it as I don’t own a toaster, and microwaved bread doesn’t remain soft once it’s cooled down! 😦 So I made some french toast this morning, while reminiscing of the AMAZING OH MY HEAVENS Cinnamon French Toast from Pick Me Up (as above) while I was in Chicago two autumns before. While Monk Bodhi Dharma does an equally tasty version with caramalised banana or poached pear with a pistachio cream cheese (can be made GF), it does require a significant amount of resources for one to obtain it!

Following both Usually Vegan and Vegan Dad‘s French Toast recipes, I mixed up a 9cm square of tofu, 1 cup of non-diary milk, 3 tbs agave syrup, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tbs oil, bit of salt and lots of cinnamon in the food processor. I made the mistake of dipping too many slices of bread at a go, resulting in soggy bread that took forever to cook as my pan could only fry 3 halves at a time. Halving the slices was a good idea, as it was a lot easier to flip. The first slice resembled scrambled tofu as my pan was too hot and I waited too long before flipping, hoping to flip when it one side resembled toast (like cooking pancakes). I found it easier if I kept the heat to the lowest, flipped it after about a minute when it had JUST begun to brown. It didn’t stick, and then flipped it back to brown after the second side had just started to firm up. This made 7 slices of French Toast.


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